Friday, May 05, 2006

Book by Christopher Paolini: Eragon

Have you ever read a book with dragons? Sure you have, but not like this one (at least I haven’t :) ). I really liked this fantasy book, nice style of writing and a good idea. Although it is flavored and influenced by some other fantasy authors, it has certain uniqueness that makes this book ‘feel’ fresh and make a nice addition to your reading experience. More details inside :)
This book is written by Christopher Paolini (more info about the author can be found here: Teen reads and on Book browse )

Genre: Fantasy

About the book: It’s a story about a boy (called Eragon) living in a fantasy kingdom. He doesn’t know his real parents (actually he heard a few rumors about his mother) and now he lives with his relatives (uncle and his son). One day he finds a strange blue rock, and after some problems with the local people, he realizes that it is not JUST a rock (well, he realizes what it is when a dragon hatches out from it :) ). Through the book Eragon and Saphira (his dragon, and yes, she is female) go through adventures, and I can say that I really liked them both :) .

I would really recommend this book. It has many nice moments, and isn’t hard to read. You’ll fall in love with Eragon and Saphira (not ‘that’ kind of love :) ).
I can’t wait for the next two parts of the trilogy (yes, this book is the first part of the trilogy)

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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Book by Eoin Colfer: Supernaturalist

Sci-Fi book… The Times said ‘A dystophian thriller that reads like The Matrix crossed with Oliver Twist’ – nice, but the thing is that the book isn’t really that good so it could be compared to The Matrix and Oliver Twist. Read the full text to find out why I think that.

Genre: Sci-Fi

About the book: The Matrix and the Oliver Twist… When I was buying this book, it sounded like heaven to me – I mean come on it’s my favorite movie :) crossed with book with nice happening flow. It promised a teen type hero with Matrix type of story – sounds nice, doesn’t it :)

Well, the reality isn’t so nice – it’s a story about an orphan Cosmo lost in the world of future when orphans aren’t the most cared for people. They live in an ‘orphanage’ which doesn’t give a cent about them, their lives or what so ever. Then his life turns around and suddenly he finds himself with a group of super-powerly gifted people chasing invisible blue flying beings that only they can see… I mean people, really - the story sucks… And the ending is such a classic – one of the more important character dies for his beliefs and the Cosmo takes his place as the leader of Supernaturalists. Come on…

This book sounded VERY bad… Why do I think so? It has elements of those two mentioned books, BUT it makes an horrible mix – something like tomato juice with coca-cola or rum with vodka – definitely a bad mix. It sounded very serially – like it was written only to be sold. I really can’t find what The Times liked with this book… Maybe I expected too much, and that’s the reason I am so disappointed…

I wouldn’t recommend it to you (only if you are a Sci-Fi fan and read all the GOOD Sci-Fi classics (Arthur Clarke’s books) and don’t have anything better to read and some spare money that you don’t know how to spend…)…

I think in this case it is The Matrix + Oliver Twist = bad mix…
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